Massage Treatments


Deep Tissue Massage - this treatment is designed to help breakdown chronic muscle tension with targeted efficient slower and deeper massage strokes. 

De-stress Massage - composed of lighter superficial massage strokes, relaxing the body to release stress and tension while improving circulation. 


Face Acupressure and Natural Face Lift Massage - combining zone therapy,  acupressure, lymph node work and gem stone work. The treatment offers improved blood flow and muscle tone. The effect is one of a refreshed and rejuvenated look.

On-Site Chair Massage - a fully clothed massage, combining holistic, deep tissue techniques and pressure points to help alleviate tension and improve circulation. Treatment is focused on back, neck, shoulders, head, arms, and hands.


Pregnancy and Labour Massage - adapted massage positioning and techniques to help relax and support expectant mothers and their babies. Doctor approval is required and treatment will only be given from second trimester onwards. Add on Labour massage techniques for an additional 20 minute appointment to help the body cope during birth.

Build Your Own Massage Combo - make the most of your appointment by escaping the standard routines. Choose from the following and pick your massage technique holistic or deep tissue, to release stress and tension.

Head - Face - Neck - Shoulders - Arms - Hands - Stomach - Back - Back of Legs - Front of Legs - Feet


Cancer Massage - if you are a cancer survivor or currently going through cancer treatment, this massage offers you adapted techniques for a relaxation time out.

Touch Therapy - is a fully clothed treatment offering your physical, mental, emotional wellbeing deep relaxation through the power of still touch.