Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

You are a valid customer but Time Out Massages does reserve the right to cancel an appointment if the therapist feels unsafe or threatened.

Special Requirements

Consultation forms will be provided to each client prior to treatment, to allow notification if the massage needs to be adapted to any specific needs. This also allows the treatment to be carried out in a safe way for client and therapist.

Under 18's require parental or guardian approval.

Gift Certificate and Massage Packages

Certificate/packages cannot be refunded or exchanged.

They are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

These are non-transferable and non-sharable.

Gift Certificate are required at the time of redeeming the massage.


Client attire is full professional draping at all times, no nudity. 

Customer Rights

As a valid customer your are entitled to a massage treatment that is best suited to your requirements, based on your completed consultation form. To maximise the benefits of the treatment and services provided.

Payments and Prices

Prices: these are subject to change with the endeavor to provide correct pricing at all times